Unboxing Cuddy the composting toilet: What's in the box?

Unboxing Cuddy the composting toilet: What's in the box?

Congratulations! You’re the new proud owner of Cuddy the Composting Toilet! Composting toilets like Cuddy have gained popularity in recent years with off-grid living and the vanlife movement since a compost potty fits perfectly in your motorhome, RV, caravan, conversion van, or any other small space without the need for plumbing. In this super quick post, we'll guide you through unboxing Cuddy and show you all the essentials included in your Cuddy package.

Unboxing Cuddy step-by-step

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Here’s what you will find in your Cuddy box.

Cuddy’s Quick Start Guide

When you open the box, the first thing you'll find is our quick start guide. This guide provides essential information to ensure your compost potty's safe and smooth operation. Have a quick read and keep it as a reference.


Liquid bottle with valve

The next thing you’ll discover during unboxing is Cuddy’s liquid bottle with valve. The seperate liquids bottle is an integral part of your composting toilet system, allowing you to manage the liquid waste efficiently, no matter if you’re living the vanlife dream or living off-grid. You'll learn how to use during the setup process.


Compost solid bin

Adjacent to the liquid bottle, you'll find the solid bin at the back of the Cuddy. This container is designed to store solid waste and kickstart composting securely. When it's time to dispose of the waste, it's as simple as emptying the bin at an appropriate facility. Should you wish to use it as compost in your off-grid living setup, you can find a handy human manure guide at HumanureHandbook.com


Cuddy's carbon filter

Inside the solid bin, you'll notice Cuddy's carbon filter. This filter neutralizes unpleasant odors, ensuring a more pleasant environment inside your Cuddy – and inside your caravan, campervan, RV, or other small space. The carbon filter easily slots into the back of your compost potty, providing effective odor control when nature calls.


Mystery bag

Ah, the mystery bag! This is the final feature of the unboxing process. Open it up to unveil some exciting surprises. Inside, you'll find a range of functional and helpful goodies for your compost toilet experience.

One of the items inside is the bottle cap, which fits perfectly on the liquid bottle. This cap is handy when storing liquid waste for a short period, ensuring it stays secure until you can dispose of it properly (because no one wants any “oops” moments cruising around in a caravan).

And last but not least, you'll find a power cable. This cable lets you connect your Cuddy to your RV, motorhome, or van's power supply. With this cable, you can rest assured that your Cuddy will have the power it needs for seamless operation in your vanlife adventures!


Unboxing Cuddy is now complete!

And that’s it! We've unboxed your Cuddy and introduced you to all the essential accessories that come with your composting toilet. With the Quick Start Guide and the power cable ready to connect, you and your compost potty are ready to embark on your vanlife and off-grid living escapades.


If you are looking for our setup guide, click here - How to set up Cuddy the composting toilet. See you over there!



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After installing a composting toilet in his campervan he caught the sanitation bug (not the dysentry kind) and saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and help bring safe sanitation to the 2.6 Billion without it. 


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