How Cuddy's internal fan works - Off-grid composting toilet

How Cuddy's internal fan works - Off-grid composting toilet

How Cuddy’s internal fan works: Off-grid composting toilet guide

The journey into off-grid living – whether a self-sustaining home in the wilderness or an RV, motorhome, or conversion van – demands careful consideration of the essentials. One of the most important is the bathroom situation, and off-grid composting toilets like Cuddy are a real game-changer since they require no water or plumbing. Cuddy's internal fan also comes as standard, something you don’t find in other brands.


In the video and guide below, we'll show you exactly how Cuddy's internal fan works, exploring its functionality, power requirements, and the seamless integration it offers to enhance the off-grid experience.

How Cuddy's internal fan works

When your Cuddy composting toilet arrives, unpack it and assemble; feel free to watch the Cuddy unboxing video here for more help! One of the key components inside Cuddy is the internal fan, a silent hero working tirelessly to ensure a fresh and odor-free environment in every off-grid space.


Cuddy's internal fan operates continuously, running 24/7 to recirculate air through the activated carbon filter. The inclusion of carbon provides extra insurance and helps naturally reducing odors, creating a pleasant and hygienic environment. The carbon can easily be replaced and refilled using inexpensive aquarium carbon found at most pet stores or online.


How to get your internal fan working


  1. First, lift the toilet lid and remove Cuddy’s carbon filter strapped to the agitator.
  2. Next, remove the solids bin from the base. This reveals the 12-volt power input at the back, the internal fan, and the filter mounting.
  3. Ensuring that nothing has shifted during transit, verify that the fan and its rubber gasket are in proper contact with the designated filter area.
  4. The carbon filter installation is straightforward: simply apply a firm push onto the housing at the back, and it should securely stay in place, ready to tackle any odors that may arise.
  5. Now, you just need to power the fan. You can do that by adding a 9v battery to your Cuddy unit. You’ll find that under the lid - here’s a video to explain.



If you want to power your Cuddy using leisure batteries, then you’ll need to follow this video and guide.


And that’s it! Your off-grid composting toilet will keep your motorhome, caravan, RV, skoolie, or other small spaces smelling fresh thanks to Cuddy’s fan and carbon filter.


Fan power efficiency - what you need to know

A standout feature of Cuddy's internal fan is its power efficiency. Operating at a mere 0.1 amps or approximately 1 watt at 12 volts, the fan is an eco-friendly and energy-conscious addition to your off-grid lifestyle. The efficiency of Cuddy’s fan seamlessly integrates into your power setup without causing a significant drain on resources.


But do you need to leave it running all the time? Not necessarily, especially if you have another venting option. And if you’re using your Cuddy outside you can leave the fan off completely. Check out this video on how our Australian friends use Cuddy in the Outback.

While this is completely up to you and your circumstance, other factors to consider include environmental temperatures, since colder climates will slow down microbial activity, affecting composting efficiency. Hotter and more humid climates may cause more condensation. In such cases, you may want to prioritize the internal fan use or manual ventilation by opening windows or vents. Ultimately, the decision to use Cuddy's fan depends on personal comfort, local climate, and energy consumption in your off-grid living space.


External venting options - do you need to if you have an internal fan?

The answer is “no” you don’t need to externally vent your Cuddy composting toilet. Our internal fan and carbon filter helps you manage odors, condensation and more.




There are moments where you might choose to.For example you are full time and or live in a moisture rich environment. We understand not everyone has the option to vent so we are developing an internal external carbon filter to eliminate odor and moisture.


Cuddy's internal fan offers flexibility for those desiring external venting, no matter your unique space. By reconfiguring the fan settings, it becomes possible to direct airflow outside; here’s a handy video showing you how to externally vent your portable composting toilet! This feature lets you vent odors outside your van, RV, motorhome, caravan, or any other living space.


So whether you're chilling inside your VanLife abode, cruising around in your caravan, or following your off-grid homestead dreams, Cuddy’s internal fan provides a customizable solution for managing odors in a small space.

Cuddy’s internal fan works wonderfully well!

We are big fans of Cuddy's internal fan. This feature is a welcome addition for most embracing VanLife and off-grid living, especially in smaller mobile homes like RVs, motorhomes, caravans, skoolies, and conversion vans. The ease of installation, the fan’s continuous operation, and impressive power efficiency make it indispensable for a comfortable off-grid composting toilet experience.


Now that you know how Cuddy’s internal fan works, you can learn how to maintain a happy composting toilet here!


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After a career algorithmic trading, he had plans to follow his long held passion for AI but the pandemic brought about an unexpected twist.


After installing a composting toilet in his campervan he caught the sanitation bug (not the dysentry kind) and saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and help bring safe sanitation to the 2.6 Billion without it. 


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