Cuddys Agitator Front and Center for Convenience

Cuddys Agitator Front and Center for Convenience

If you’re new here, you are probably wondering why our composting toilet has a handle in the front. Well, that’s Cuddy’s agitator, and that’s the key to kickstarting the composting process. The agitator extends and rotates to stir the contents inside the solids bin, making the bathroom situation efficient, hassle-free, and odor-free!


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The Four Advantages of Cuddy's Agitator

Why is Cuddy’s agitator positioned on the front rather than the sides, back, or top? The reason is simple: it's all about accessibility, practicality, and functionality!


  • Optimal space utilization

Placing the agitator on the front ensures you can always access it, regardless of how you've positioned Cuddy in your space. If the agitator handle was on the sides or back, it might end up too close to a wall, making it difficult to reach and turn the handle. By having it on the front of Cuddy, you eliminate this problem which allows for more flexible positioning in your van, tiny home, or other small space.


  • Cuddy's agitator gives you easy access

No matter how or where you've set up Cuddy, the front of the toilet is always accessible. This means the agitator is always within easy reach, providing you with an easy and effortless composting experience.


  • Structural support

The front placement of the agitator offers structural advantages as well. With the handle on the front, the extension mechanism can be supported from both sides, making it robust and reliable during use.


  • Cuddy's agitator also simplifies maintenance

Another practical benefit of the front handle is that it allows for a removable solid bin and agitator. This means you don't have to disassemble the entire unit every time you need to clean or empty your Cuddy. It's a time-saving and convenient solution that makes routine maintenance a breeze.


So there you have it - the magic of Cuddy's front agitator is revealed! The decision to place it on the front was a thoughtful and practical one, ensuring easy access and flexibility in any setup. With this innovative design, using and maintaining Cuddy becomes an effortless part of your daily routine.

If you have any more questions or want to share your experience with Cuddy, feel free to contact us!


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After a career algorithmic trading, he had plans to follow his long held passion for AI but the pandemic brought about an unexpected twist.


After installing a composting toilet in his campervan he caught the sanitation bug (not the dysentry kind) and saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and help bring safe sanitation to the 2.6 Billion without it. 


He's now on a mission to make the best off-grid toilet possible both for you and the planet! 


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