Cuddy Composting Toilet Review: The Best Vanlife Toilet

Cuddy Composting Toilet Review: The Best Vanlife Toilet

Lindsay and Micah, vanlife adventurers voted Cuddy, composting toilet, their number 1 best vanlife toilet! Here's their full review.

In the exciting world of Van Life, there are countless questions and challenges that arise when it comes to daily living while on the road. One common question that seems to top the list is, "Where do you go to the bathroom?"

For this adventurous couple – and two of our first customers on Indiegogo! – Lindsay and Micah’s answer to that question lies in their beloved van, Cosmo. And the secret to their vanlife comfort?

The CompoCloset Composting Toilet, lovingly referred to as Cuddy!


Searching for the best vanlife toilet

Vanlife adventurers are no strangers to the challenges of living in a compact space. When it came to selecting the best toilet solution for their van, size was a primary concern. Many other camping toilets on the market, from chemical toilets to dry composting toilets, tend to be bulky and tall, which just wouldn't cut it for their limited space in Cosmo.

However, Lindsay and Micah’s search led them to the CompoCloset Composting Toilet, which was a game-changer. Cuddy the composting toilet had the same dimensions as a cassette toilet, making it a perfect fit for their van.


Why they love Cuddy

One of the standout features of Cuddy is its composting capability. Lindsay and Micah were pleasantly surprised by how infrequently they had to empty it. With a whopping month-long interval between emptying, our composting toilet with urine diverter provided them with unparalleled convenience. “But what about the odors,” you might wonder?

They assure us that Cuddy has been odor-free, a significant relief for those sharing such close quarters. The initial experience wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, but it quickly improved, and now they couldn't imagine vanlife without it.

Lindsay and Micah appreciate not only the functionality but also the design of Cuddy. Its compact size, as mentioned earlier, is a major plus, in addition to its internal fan that sets it apart from many other composting toilets that require external venting. This internal fan simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need to cut an extra hole in your van for ventilation. Plug Cuddy into a 12-volt power source, and you're good to go!

Cuddy: the environmental choice

Not only is Cuddy convenient, but it’s also environmentally friendly. It utilizes coconut husks for composting, ensuring a natural and odor-free decomposition process. If there's any smell at all, it's akin to the earthy scent of dirt. With their use of Cuddy, Lindsay and Micah have embraced an eco-friendly, sustainable, and low-maintenance solution for their vanlife adventures.


Their best vanlife toilet is Cuddy

In conclusion, it's safe to say that Cuddy the composting toilet has become Lindsay and Micah’s absolute favorite vanlife accessory. Their enthusiasm is not just lip service; they genuinely adore it! With a competitive price point, compact size, efficient composting, and hassle-free installation, Cuddy has exceeded their expectations.

We are so happy for their recommendation and honored by their review, and hope that other van lifers seeking the perfect toilet solution will choose Cuddy the composting toilet for their campervan, conversion van, or other small-space place!


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Until next time… happy trails and happy customers ahead!

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