Time to Upgrade my Loo

Time to Upgrade my Loo

News Flash! We're funded because you all supported us, but now what?

Well now we're all Waiting for Cuddy. And to make the wait easier we want to share the excitement with everyone. We want to see where you are going to put Cuddy.

Does he have a home already?

Is he replacing a different toilet?

Are you just starting your build?

We really want to know! So we're asking you all to share, send pics and we'll post them.

Most of you have laughed a bit and send sure, but K is the first to send me her upgrade story and PICTURES!! I'm thrilled to share it here with you all.

She lives on a narrow boat in the UK inland waterways and has had a "composting" toilet for years. She says herself it's "time to upgrade my loo."

"Before I got my current compost toilet, which really isn't a compost toilet at all, none of them are, because the composting of the solids takes place in a secondary container, I used to have a Dometic cassette toilet.


The Dometic was beautiful, expensive, but had to go; lugging 17lt cassette twice a week to a stinky elsan point was a bloody gagging chore.


So, at that point I'd joined a Facebook group about compost toilets which was a pretty new concept and got talking excitedly to a group member who had big plans to make compost toilets. He made me a prototype which I still have today but it's creaking and needs replacing, plus I wanted something more professional looking. He started a cult but unfortunately his business skills weren't up to scratch and he bombed. Don't get me wrong, my current loo is perfect and fit for purpose. Some people just want something more professional looking.


I didn't have much choice. The depth I could accommodate was much shallower than any of the current toilets available and I didn't want to completely rip out my bathroom to accommodate a different toilet. Then Cuddy came along, and it's depth profile was spot on 😃. If the loo took up any more room depth wise I'd trip over it entering my bathroom, it's that tiny.


I am now waiting for my very own ickle Cuddy to arrive and I shall donate my current loo to a local liveaboard who cannot afford to buy a compost toilet 🥰

My Cuddy will sit in this space and the room each side will allow me to store spare loo rolls, cleaning sprays or anything else I want to store for easy access."

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Please send us your "time to upgrade my loo" stories and pics.