Pre-Order Terms & Conditions may occasionally operate as or in conjunction with a crowdfunding / pre-order website.

Crowdfunding is defined as the collecting of resources (funds, money, tangible goods, time) from the population at large through an internet platform.

In return for their contributions, the crowd can receive a number of tangibles or intangibles, which depend on the type of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding involves three participants:

  • the crowd (contributors / pre-order customers);
  • a hosting platform (our website or Indiegogo); and
  • the crowdfunding campaign creator (Compo Closet)

When getting any items as part of our crowdfunding / pre-order campaigns, you are supporting an entrepreneurial endeavour and getting a reward, you are not buying a product in a regular online store.

When you support our pre-order campaigns, you are helping to create something new, not purchasing something that already exists.

The products are given to you as a token of our appreciation for you and the support you have given us.

Your card will be charged at the time you place your pre-order. The pre-order charge may or may not include the shipping charge for your product and/or duties and taxes – this information will be clearly provided on the campaign page itself. If shipping and/or tax is charged later than the pre-order charge, you will receive an email notification when it’s time to return to our store to settle the shipping charge for your pre-order.

This business model has allowed our company to exist and we could not be more grateful to the entire pre-order community. We appreciate your understanding of our policy and your continued support.

Pre-order items do not include a warranty, unless explicitly specified in the campaign.

The benefits of supporting a pre-order campaign include but are not limited to:

  • exclusive perks and discounts of up to 50% from retail price
  • active involvement in the development process – which means you often get a say in what the product will look like
  • priority delivery – you are among the first people in the world to receive the items before we make it available to the greater public
  • helping to protect the planet – we optimise stock management, reducing overstock and our carbon footprint

Your support of a pre-order campaign does not always guarantee that you will receive a product.

If you experience a manufacturing defect while being covered under a crowdfunding / pre-order campaign’s warranty period, please contact us. We reserve the right to repair at a reasonable cost and/or offer monetary partial compensation, send you replacement parts or simply provide you with a free resolution.

Please be aware that certain delays may occur with the manufacturing and the shipment of your replacement parts. Considering the naturally occurring variations due to manufacture, obtaining the perfect finish in some cases may not be possible.

Please communicate all warranty issues by email at so we can provide you with a prompt service. meticulously ensures that each product is in strict keeping with its quality criteria and that it passes all of our checks, both technical and aesthetic.

The product is considered to be defective if it is damaged upon receipt or if a manufacturing fault is reported in accordance with and within the warranty period of the product in question.

Items damaged through normal wear and tear will not be considered to be defective.

Any warranty, or implied warranty, is only valid for the period of time the Compo Closet product is owned by the original purchaser of the product. The original purchaser, for the purposes of this warranty, will be the individual whose details are associated with the website pre-order. Please retain a copy of the receipt which was sent to the email address on record.

In order to identify and assess the warranty issue, photos of the defective product and/or parts, the order number and original proof of purchase will have to accompany any warranty request.

What is not included in a crowdfunding / pre-order campaign warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear or aging of your Compo Closet products, including but not limited to the normal distressing of the color/finish of your products, as a result of long-term use and/or direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Damage due to non-compliant assembly.
  • Damage resulting from maintenance, repairs or disassembly not performed by an after-sales service center approved by
  • Any product with signs of impact or shock on the body of the product.
  • Orders for which proof of purchase is missing.
  • Any stains, burns, heat marks, scratches, cuts, or liquid/moisture damage resulting from use by customers or their environment.
  • Damages or warping issues due to a living environment of drastic temperature changes.
  • Any Compo Closet product that is sold by an unauthorized retailer and/or sold as “used” or using any other verbiage indicating that the product is not “new”.
  • Any damages incurred during transportation and delivery.

Upon analyzing the information in the request for the return of a defective product, we reserve the option to not follow up on your request for legitimate reasons (warranty period expired, defect not covered by the warranty, inappropriate use of the product, etc.).

If you have placed a preorder through our website, you may request a partial refund up until your item has been confirmed for shipping.

After you have confirmed shipping, your funds may have already been used towards the production of your items, and a refund may not be possible.

If you place a pre-order through a third-party crowdfunding platform such as Indiegogo, please request a refund from said platform. If a refund is not possible through the third-party platform, your funds may have already been used towards the production of the items.

Where a refund is possible, Compo Closet reserve the right to deduct any costs incurred, including third-party fees. does not provide receipts or invoices beyond the pre-order confirmation email that you should have received after your transaction.

We owe our crowdfunding / pre-order customers a high standard of effort, honest communication, and a dedication to bringing the campaign to life.

At the same time, the crowdfunding / pre-order customers understand that when working to deliver a crowdfunding / pre-order campaign, the campaign creator ( may run into repeated challenges or delays, and there’s a chance something could happen that prevents from being able to complete the campaign as promised.

In the unlikely situations where extreme challenges come up and we are unable to deliver on a crowdfunding / pre-order campaign, we will openly communicate with all the campaign’s crowdfunding / pre-order customers extensive details about the challenges we’ve encountered, how these challenges have affected our funds and our ability to deliver on our campaign and how we plan to move forward with that campaign.

For some or all crowdfunding / pre-order campaigns, we may decide to charge the shipping fees for each pre-order separate from the value of the order itself. This is done with fairness and our crowdfunding / pre-order customers’ best interest in mind – shipping charges may fluctuate from one month to another and our aim is to charge realistic, up to date shipping fees.

Our commitment to all crowdfunding / pre-order customers is to:

  • extend every effort to complete and deliver the campaign according to the estimated timeline shared with all crowdfunding / pre-order customers
  • maintain open, transparent communication with regards to the progress we are making once the production has started for the crowdfunding / pre-order customers
  • share regular updates in which we detail the steps we take, how we use the funds received from all pre-orders and what challenges we encounter along the way

The estimated delivery provided on the campaign page is just an estimate – this is not a guarantee that we will deliver your product by that time because the schedule may change as we work through potential challenges that might come along during the project. will make every effort to include all key information relevant to crowdfunding / pre-order campaigns as often as possible in all communication with our crowdfunding / pre-order customers. When participating in our crowdfunding / pre-order campaigns, crowdfunding / pre-order customers understand and agree with all Terms and Conditions published and updated on our website.